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6 Month Coaching Program

6 Month Coaching Program

$ 4,495.00

Lama Inviting

Qigong Coaching is dedicated to empowering you to be in the flow by to gaining access to the abundant sources of inner wisdom and power. Being in the flow also means becoming capable of manifesting your greatest dreams and living to your highest potential.

Qigong Coaching represents the "missing link" between the modern methodology of Life Coaching dedicated to improving the quality of life by making it more meaningful and the ancient Energy Arts that work with the energy making up the whole human being. This holistic modality not only addresses the issues on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, but also balances all these levels. As your coach, I will carefully guide you through discovering and exploring the qualities of human consciousness that often stay dormant in the conditions of the Information Age lifestyle.

While most life coaches try to keep their clients focused on their goals and outcomes of their actions, your journey with me as your coach will be based on understanding and re-evauating your values to make sure that they are in alignment with your greatest dreams. Instead of stereotypical activitie, such as setting and pursuing goals, which are often based on other people's expectations and desires, the focus of your individually tailored coaching program will be on manifesting and living your authentic dreams.




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