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Dr. Kam Yuen

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Yuen Method of Healing

Dr. Kam Yuen, DC has been the world’s foremost expert and leading grandmaster of Shaolin Kung-Fu for nearly half a century. He is a published author and martial artist, frequently appearing on the covers of different martial arts magazines.  He was also the technical and Kung-Fu advisor on the original “Kung-Fu” TV series and thus was instrumental in bringing authentic Kung-Fu to the international audience. 

 Dr. Yuen was the first person (doctor or otherwise) to eliminate the pain, stress, and ailments of people from all walks of life on the spot within seconds on live television and radio. He was also the first person to integrate body-mind-spirit interactive protocols as a means of getting immediate results to resolve any and all of life’s problems.

Dr. Yuen is always innovating and continuously pushing the envelope for the maximization of our human potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. He has taught, or as he calls it, “directed” thousands of people from all across the world to eliminate their stress, pain, and ailments in his teleseminars and teleclinics.



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