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Dr. George Xavier Love

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CLICK HERE to access his online course on Abundance through Breathing

Dr. George Xavier Love, Jr. is an Oriental Medicine Doctor, a scholar, warrior, physician, and priest. He healed himself from weight loss through nutritional healing, acupressure, rational-emotive therapy, and spiritual healing with medicine Buddha meditation. He first discovered his healing abilities during the VietNam conflict when he was able to remove physical and emotional pain from other sailors. After an honorable discharge from the US Navy, he attended the Delaware School of Massage.

A chance meeting with the Dalai Lama at the U.N. afforded George the insight to change the negative Karma of three lifetimes.  His Holiness was traveling with his personal physician, Yeshe Donden who was able to treat four people with incurable cancer with herbs and acupuncture.  They were miraculously cured.  At that moment George decided on his life path.

He attended the International Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Montreal. He also lived in New York City's Chinatown for three years while he apprenticed to Korean, Japanese and Chinese practitioners before meeting his Qigong master. Professor John Lee taught him Qing Lung Qigong, Tui-na and herbal medicine. Professor Lee named George Zhen Wu and appointed him the 13th lineage holder of Qing Lung Qigong in 1985.

Moving to Florida in 1986, George obtained his license as an Acupuncture Physician.  In 1987 He wrote a book about his experience with treating HIV positive patients. This book was called Build a SHIELD for your Immune system in just 12 weeks.  He spent several year traveling and teaching people all over the country about Qigong healing the immune system in a workshop called 21 Days to Wellness.

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