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Tzun Tzun Hsue

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Tzun Tzun Hsue is a Qigong teacher living in Portland, Oregon, who claims that he trained in Tibetan styles of Qigong and Martial Arts from the age of seven. He also claims that he received spiritual training in Tibetan Shamanic Bon rituals and practices seeking balance and learning how to use the energy to support his practice of Internal and External Martial Arts.

One aspect of his training purportedly included the ability to transmit energy and to receive energy by becoming aware and open to the flow of Qi. His training helped him improve his awareness of energy that improved his physique. This included knowledge of how to channel energy for martial arts development. By doing so, he managed to clear the mental and karmic blockages he had developed, when he was a street thug in Hong Kong.

In addition to teaching Qigong, Tzun Tzun now aspires to become a life coach to help others develop a more awareness of energy, learn the Art of flow and enrich people’s lives.

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