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Dr. Pedram Shojai

Pedram Shojai 2

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CLICK HERE to access his online course on Abundance with Vitality

Dr. Pedram Shojai is the director of the Taoist Path School of Alchemy. He has trained with a number of masters throughout the years and focuses his practice on health and healing. His program called "Energy Economics" teaches students to liberate their vital energy through lifestyle practices and an essential understanding of how energy flows in life. From there, he teaches Qigong and mediation techniques to help liberate energy flow and spiritual awakening.

Dr. Shojai has spent the last 2 years making a series of documentary movies- the first of which is entitled "Vitality" and is set to release this May. He is the author of the acclaimed book Rise and Shine: Awaken your Energy Body with Taoist Alchemy and Qigong.

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