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Dr. Gaby Cora

Gaby Cora

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Wellbeing Coaching

Dr. Gaby Cora works with people and organizations that want to be healthy while they become wealthy and strive to discover, experience and enjoy The Power of Wellbeing. A renaissance woman, she is a wellness coach, best-selling author, keynote speaker, Medical Doctor with a master's in business administration, board-certified psychiatrist, spouse, and mother of two young adults. 

She is author of The Power of Wellbeing Series: Leading under Pressure, Managing Work in Life, and Quantum Wellbeing; and of the provocative Alpha Series, starting with Alpha Female Leader. She has been interviewed by CNN, FOX, NBC, Lifetime television, the New York Times, Forbes, and Business Week. Dr. Cora is president of the Executive Health & Wealth Institute, managing partner of the Florida Neuroscience Center and chapter chair for the Women Presidents' Organization.

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