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Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson

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Energy Psychology

Conscious Human Evolution


CLICK HERE to access his online course on Abundance in Relationships

Professor Jerry Alan Johnson began his initial training in Energy Medicine in 1972. In 1974, he started his formal clinical studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Monterey, California, where he focused his studies on Acupuncture, Herbology, Medical Qigong Therapy, Traumatology, and Chinese massage. After receiving certification in Acupuncture and Herbology from an 1978-81 internship, he operated clinics in Colorado Springs, Colorado (1981-84), working as a consultant and associate in acupuncture and Medical Qigong therapy to Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, and Chiropractors.

In 1993, Professor Johnson furthered his clinical studies at the China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center and at the Acupuncture Institute of China, Academy of T.C.M. He was the first foreigner from the Acupuncture Institute of China invited to treat patients in the Medical Qigong Clinic at the Xi Yuan Hospital of T.C.M. (featured in Bill Moyer's special "Healing and the Mind"). There he interned as a Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy, specializing in the treatment of cysts, tumors, and kidney dysfunctions. In 1993, Professor Johnson also interned as a Doctor of Anmo Therapy at the Orthopedic Traumatology Clinic of the Hu Guo Si Hospital of T.C.M. (in Beijing, China) specializing in Chinese bone-setting, Traumatology, and tissue manipulation. His training in somatic regulation also includes Neuromuscular Therapy, Psychophysical Integration Therapy, Advanced Visceral Manipulation, and Advanced Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

In 1995, Professor Johnson received his Masters Degree in Medical Qigong Therapy from the Medical Qigong College at the Hai Dian University in Beijing, China. He then received his clinical license as a "Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine" specializing in Medical Qigong and Anmo therapy. He is the author of a series of definitive books on Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy and Daoist Alchemy.

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