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Scott Sonnon

Scott SonnonSELECT the link below to enjoy his interview on the following topic:


As a child, Scott Sonnon was burdened by physical and learning disabilities. In order to overcome those disabilities, he sought out mentors in alternative health education, forming the earliest incarnation of his personal empowerment university, who helped him re-frame his negative circumstances into positive opportunities, and transform his liabilities into talents. Through his process of self-discovery, he inadvertently pioneered the field of Mobility; to prevent accelerated aging of joints and to give others & even those with similarly challenging genetics - access to the mastery that sport scientists call Flow.

His trek across the world learning alternative methods of health improvement led him to become a USA National Sambo Team Coach and Champion earning him the former USSR's highest athletic distinction: "Master of Sport." His personal success led him to become subject matter expert for members of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the National Hockey League, National Football League, and Major League Baseball. Despite mental obstacles, he currently serves on Graduate Faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University and has earned his membership into Mensa - the International High IQ Society.

Now known around the world as The Flow Coach, he has become an inspiration to thousands of people by his incredible story of triumph and his passionate dedication to helping others. As a world-acclaimed public speaker and author, has taken his world-class fighting skills off the mat to the fight against the core issues behind childhood obesity and the accelerated aging leading to arthritis. Scott serves as fitness adviser to organizations such as the International Youth Conditioning Association, the National Active Aging Council, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, the National Strength Conditioning Association, the National Law Enforcement and Security Institute.

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