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Mingtong Gu

Mingtong Gu 1

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CLICK HERE to watch his video course on Living with an Open Heart

Mingtong Gu is an internationally recognized teacher and healer, who received his training from a variety of Grandmasters of China, Tibet, and at the world's largest Qigong hospital. This "medicine-less" hospital, Zhineng Qigong Center, has treated over 200,000 patients for over 185 different illnesses with a 95% success rate. Mingtong received an MA in Math and Fine Arts in the US, while also studying Tai Chi, Yoga and Buddhist Meditation. As the founder of the Chi Healing Center and Wisdom Healing Foundation, Master Gu has taught Qigong healing to thousands in the USA, China, and Europe.

As a child growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution, Mingtong learned much patience and endurance. The youngest of 7 children he was adopted out to a new family, then returned to his birth family at age 7. His family often went without food for days. Despite such hardships, his mother was determined by any possible means to support his dream of education. He became the first from his village to attend college. He earned his BA in Math from Hangzhou University and MA in Math from University of California at San Diego. He continued his training at Brandeis and Harvard University until deciding to pursue an artist's career. He earned an MFA from Ohio State University and taught at Columbus College of Art and Design.

As a graduate student in Art, Mingtong discovered the treasures of his own culture through the spiritual iconography of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Western mystic traditions. He also practiced Yoga, Tantric Buddhism and Qigong. In 1997 he returned to China for Qigong trainings under Dr. Pang Ming, a Qigong Grandmaster trained in Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Mingtong has trained and helped thousands of students through the Wisdom Healing Qigong program. In 2008 he and his family moved to the San Francisco Bay area. His teaching and healing energy have attracted hundreds of people to his programs at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Mingtong has also created a 10 day intensive healing retreat especially applicable for advanced stages of illness and modeled after a similar program in the "medicine-less" Qigong hospital in China. His personal healing journey, along with the quality of his joyful loving nature, depth, and healing gifts have inspired many in the healthcare and spiritual community.

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