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Michael Winn

Michael Winn

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Sexual Energetics

Michael Winn is an internationally renowned expert in Qigong and Taoist arts. He has over 30 years of experience in teaching subtle energy methods internationally, from Kundalini Yoga in 70's to tai chi, qigong, and inner alchemy meditation today. He spent many years studying with the top spiritual teachers of his generation.

Michael served two terms as the President of the National Qigong Association. He has also served as the Chairman of Healing Tao Instructors Association of the Americas for 9 years. He was one of the original Senior Instructors that launched the Healing Tao, also known as Universal Tao, which globally has certified over 1000 instructors and brought Tao teachings to hundreds of thousands of people. He has led a dozen China Dream Trips helping develop a relationship between Western and Chinese Taoists in their sacred mountains and temples and pioneered taking Western Taoists into caves on Flower Mountain (Huashan) in China to meditate.


Michael Winn is the Founder and Director of Healing Tao University summer retreat program (now at Heavenly Mountain in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains) - the largest Taoist arts program in the west. In the 80's, he helped master Mantak Chia establish his fame by writing and/or editing his first seven books. One of the best known is their collaboration entitled Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy. He authored ten Taoism home study DVD-CD courses and many other Qigong articles & book chapters.

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