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Dr. Ted Cibik

Ted Cibik

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Dr. Ted Cibik is the founder and executive director of Inner Strength, Inc. He has made health, healing and wellness his passion all his life, and his profession for many years. He is a gifted motivational speaker who delivers unforgettable presentations for conferences and employee appreciation events. He inspires and motivates audiences with a direct, down-to-earth style that includes a healthy dose of dry humor, colorful analogies, with a deep understanding and empathy for how the human mind works. His programs and professional practice have helped many people experienced sudden shifts in consciousness that radically changed their lives forever.

Dr. Cibik focuses attention on each client, recognizing that every individual has different needs and solutions for health issues. His interest in health and wellness techniques began at a very young age. Diagnosed at the young age of 4 with 'incurable asthma', young Ted was one of the 10 worst asthma cases that had ever been documented at this time. In order to control these attacks at a very young age, he began meditating at the age of 5 and later researched nutrition aspects and strictly controlled his diet. Martial arts training and weight lifting activities were a part of his wellness routine for building body strength and lung capacity. While the physicians predicted that he would not live to be an adult, he was able to not only survive their predictions, but go on to found his own business in health and wellness to help others. The company began as a personal training and martial arts center under Dr. Cibik's personal guidance. It later expanded to include a unique blend of Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicines, nutritional counseling, and breathing/meditation therapies, as well as corporate seminars on health, wellness and self-defense topics.

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