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Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa

Cary Tagawa 1SELECT the link below to enjoy his interview on the following topic:

Breathing and Choo Shin Do

Cary Tagawa was born in Tokyo and lived in various cities while growing up, as his father was in the US army and his mother was a Japanese actress. The family finally settled in Southern California, where Cary began acting in high school. He was an exchange student in Japan while studying at the University of Southern California.

Cary moved back to Japan after college, but was disappointed when he felt like an outsider, not having lived there in so long. He returned to America and, at the age of 36, began his acting career. He got his first big break as an actor when he was cast in Bernardo Bertolucci's film "The Last Emperor." He played roles in "James Bond: License to Kill," "Rising Sun," "Mortal Kombat," "Planet of the Apes," and dozens of other movies. He was also in many TV series, including "Baywatch" and "Hawaii Five-O."

 Cary's new focus for the movies and television is to play the good guy, since until recently, he portrayed mostly bad guys. Despite his formidable Martial Arts prowess, the bad guy is invariably defeated, Cary is certaintly quite different in real life. Everyone who knows him personally always note his calm and centered energy associated with being beyond winning and loosing. For over 35 years, Cary Tagawa has been developing his new form of Martial Arts called Chuu Shin this interview is mostly about.

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