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Dr. Justin Ngui

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Conscious Human Evolution

Dr. Justin Ngui has been training in the Chinese Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kung fu to strengthen his mind, body, and spirit, as a part of his life culture, since he was a small child. His goal is to spread the knowledge of the ancient arts of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine to our generation and the next. In order to do this, he promotes the integration of both the eastern and the western philosophies in a way that is modern and demystified. For 10 years, Justin has worked extensively in Information Technology, as a technical developer, technical architect, and consultant before deciding to pursue Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine full time. He treats patients at his clinic with Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Medical Qigong on a regular basis. He also teaches Qigong and Kung fu. He continues exploring other arts such as painting, dance, and music. He not only believes, but also shows through his lifestyle that, with Qigong, anything can be possible. He also regularly conducts consultations and life coaching in conjunction with his holistic practice.

At his Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, he has been able to provide successful therapy to many individuals from all over Canada, and around the world. Some of his humanitarian efforts include travelling to Haiti to provide therapy to those in need, and help with the relief effort.? He has also provided workshops and private therapies to many Canadian corporations. Some of these include the York Region District School Board and the North American Association of Asian Professionals.

In the past several years, Justin has organized many sold out events that demonstrate the power and magnitude of Qigong and Chinese Martial Arts. He is now the president of the Executive Council responsible for the first ever World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto, Canada.

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