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Join Our Tribe Today and Save Big

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like, if you could achieve optimal vitality, abundance and personal fulfillment by doing what you really love doing. How far down the path of self-mastery would YOU like to get?

If this image seems to be just a daydream right now, you would really benefit from learning from the world-class experts, who actually manifested vibrant health, social status and prosperity by mastering Energy Arts. Are YOU ready to learn the best practices and strategies for transforming your life by being a successful Qigong teacher, healer, or coach?

If you attempted on your own to collect the knowledge brought to you by The Secrets of Qigong Masters talk show, it would take you many years of searching all over the world for the best teachers, some of whom are either reclusive or unwilling to share their secrets without testing you for a long time. But I traveled the world for you and built great relationships with hundreds of thought leaders and experts in all kinds disciplines related to Qigong, spanning the spectrum from personal development to the new paradigms in healing.

Our award-winning talk show brings to you some of the most insightful and cutting-edge voices in the world of Energy Arts into seasons dedicated to specific topics ranging from Breathing to Enlightenment. All our featured guests agree that being in the flow of things is the key to thriving communities and a flourishing planet. Together with these thought leaders, YOU, too, can be on the cutting edge of human evolution, exploring your highest values and deepest truths.

Each season of our show features about a dozen of the most successful and collaborative Qigong masters dedicated to help you experience the following amazing shifts:

For the first time since its inception several years ago, The Secrets of Qigong Masters talk show is opening the doors and invites YOU to join our international community of Qigong practitioners on the path of mastering Energy Arts. This is an amazing opportunity for YOU to discover the essence of our beloved arts and the true nature of self-mastery, which you will be empowered to apply to every area of your life!

Here are just a few of the reasons that inspired our select group of Qigong enthusiasts to join our community as Charter Members last week:

  • Developing the most empowering energy practices that are individually tailored and authentic to each practitioner;
  • Overcoming any obstacles and energy blocks that appear to be in the way of fulfilling one’s life’s purpose;
  • Shifting from merely surviving to genuinely thriving by learning to feel the flow of things and being in the flow;
  • Harmonizing the achievement of one’s personal freedom with creating abundance in community, nation, and contributing to the whole world.

As you already know, our civilization is at a crossroads, with the majority of people leading unsustainable ways of life that undermine our personal and collective health. Don’t you want to learn how to establish the foundations of a healthy relationship between the humankind and the rest of the world? Wouldn't you like to know how YOU, too, can enjoy abundance and fulfillment in the ways that are sustainable and life-affirming?

And now I am thrilled to offer YOU the opportunity to manifest the dream of mastering Energy Arts, which can help you start actively manifesting your greatest dreams, while contributing to awakening the rest of the humankind.

When you become a member of our online community, you will receive access to the real treasure trove of knowledge, which you can explore at your own pace in the comfort of your home. If you resonate with any of these aspirations, then you will love our Qigong Masters’ community!

What is it?

We are the first and only online learning community that brings together many of the top Qigong masters, who are finally ready to share their secrets of success using Energy Arts. We are dedicated to providing YOU their awesome skills, knowledge, motivation, support, and entertainment.

Who is it for?

Our members are highly developed, conscious people -- like yourself -- motivated by personal growth and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. They aspire to learn from and collaborate with other practitioners, experts and thought leaders.

Why join it?

YOU probably have a noble purpose – to create a meaningful life filled with love, happiness and abundance... If so, membership in our international community of Qigong enthusiasts will empower YOU to manifest the dream of living your life in the flow.

How to join?

To begin the journey of integrating the ancient wisdom of Qigong with the cutting edge Internet technology, please use the button below to apply for the membership in our community.

For the first hundred people, who are ready to act right now, we are opening the doors to our inner circle, so you can join our community as a Charter Member, which means that YOU can get a nice discount. But because this Charter Membership is limited to just 100 people, I need to make sure that only the dedicated Qigong enthusiasts take these spots. The Gold Membership in our community is right for you, if you are really ready to learn how to live your life in the flow and to enjoy all the abundance life has to offer.

As a member, you will have access to many world-class experts dedicated to helping you expand your mind, deepen your understanding, as well as empower you to embody your life’s mission, passion and fulfillment. Armed with their proven tools, powerful insights and new perspectives, you will be able to:

  • Break free from any limiting habits and beliefs;
  • Rapidly accelerate your growth, skill and power as an energy arts practitioner by learning the secrets from the masters;
  • Support your authentic values, passions, and life’s purpose;
  • Discover how being in the flow can become your regular way of life;
  • Design a profound vision for yourself and the world that is bigger than your own life and dedicated to making our world a better place;
  • Build the courage and confidence to dream big and manifest your dreams with ease;
  • Feel the power of collective insight to support your dreams from all sides;
  • Start enlightening your community and the whole world.

As soon as you join our Qigong Masters’s community, you will be able to enjoy the continuous flow of engaging interviews with world-renowned thought leaders in the fields of personal development, meditation, spirituality, Martial Arts, and other related disciplines. You will also be welcome to engage in dialogues with other members as well as our guests by using our community discussion boards.

Try our Gold Membership for the first 30 days for just $7 and receive:

  • New episodes of our show, as soon as they are released;
  • Our Current Season (normally $47 per season);
  • Access all of our past seasons;
  • Attend monthly live webinars with various masters;
  • The never-ending rotation of our featured episodes;
  • The webinars with the transformational thought leaders.

Are YOU ready to put to good use the means and wisdom that can boost your spiritual and social growth to the next level? If so, click the button below and I will welcome you into our community!

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