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Open Your Heart to Be the Change Today

Four Part Webinar Series with Mingtong Gu

Normal Price: $37.00
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Open Your Heart to Be the Change Program

Session 1: The Meaning of the Open Heart

To make the positive changes needed today, we must connect with inner resources and wisdom. Qigong does this through movement, sound and visualizations that release blocks and increase energy. By releasing and dissolving the blockages, tension, limitations, and stressful conditions of the internal environment, your heart, mind, and body come into alignment, helping you respond to the external environment in a wiser, more empowered and strongly connected way.

You'll gain valuable tools for lasting benefit, including one of the most simple and effective practices, Lachi, to recharge and heal yourself, others and our planet earth. He will share these deeply fulfilling and energizing spiritual practices that keep you grounded, present and centered amidst the pressures and challenges of modern life.

Session 2: Open Heart - Be The Change

Why Opening Your Heart is so important? An open heart is central to your overall health. It allows you to go beyond the mind, beyond the body, beyond any diagnoses to access greater possibilities for healing and wellness. An open heart helps activate a deeper focus and sense of purpose and, most importantly, helps you tap into more energy, more joy, more love and harmony. How we feel has a tremendous impact on our state of health. The greatest contribution you can make to your overall well-being is to open your heart and infuse your cells, your body, and your life with the energy of love and joy.

Session 3: How to Activate Your Internal Source Energy

Wisdom Healing Qigong uses movement, sound and visualization to deeply activate the inner system of energetic matrix and taps into the source energy (including Jing Qi) to access the true creative flow. Mingtong Gu will share and lead the practice you can use for yourself, family and clients.

Session 4: How to Commune with Universal Source Energy

The most powerful benefit of Wisdom Healing Qigong is the capacity to access the universal source energy (Pure Qi). The accelerated Qong (ability and benefit) is cultivated through linking to the accumulative, collective and holographic energy field ( Healing Qi Field). Mingtong Gu will share the energetic principle and practice to link the inner and outer, the practical and spiritual, the personal and universal.

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