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How to Overcome Qigong Problems

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The Course Dedicated to Transforming Your Qigong Practice

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Module 1: Overcoming the lack of self-discipline and motivation

The lack of discipline and motivation to practice Qigong on a regular basis is almost unanimously acknowledged to be the #1 challenge that is most prevalent among Qigong practitioners, no matter where on earth they live. This video offers you some non-conformist, almost counter-intuitive ways to overcome this ubiquitous challenge.

Module 2: How to refocus attention from the forms to the inner essence of Qigong

The second most prevalent challenge bugging many Qigong practitioners down is the tendency of the human mind to focus on the external appearances of things, rather than their inner essence. This video can help you shift your focus attention from the forms to the true nature of the Energy Arts, which is the flow of Qi.

Module 3: Learn to trust the flow of Qi, instead of trying to control or direct it

Since everything in this universe is made of energy, Qi=MC2, as it were, trying to manipulate the flow of Qi is like trying to control the entire universe. Since acceptance is a pre-requisite for attention and awareness, energy awareness can only be developed as a result of trusting that it always flows exactly where it needs to flow according to the laws off nature. If you want to be in the flow, you simply need to develop this profound level of acceptance of the flow of things and enjoy the ride.

Module 4: Discover the ways to test and improve upon many stereotypical Qigong and Tai Chi techniques, so you can embark on the path of authentic mastery

How often have you heard some Qigong or Tai Chi teachers instructing their students to stand with the feet parallel each other, knees bent, tailbones tucked down, backs rounded, shoulders dropped, armpits hollow as though holding an egg under each of them, and imagining that their heads are suspended on a string? You are about to learn to test any stances, techniques, or routines, so you can develop profound understanding of the principles underlying all styles of Internal Arts and embark on the path of mastering them.

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