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How Can Qigong Coaching Help YOU?

Are you a practitioner of Qigong, Tai Chi, or other Internal Arts, looking for the REAL way to make our world a better place? If you are a dedicated practitioner or teacher to these arts, you are welcome to join us for the seminar series about the profession of Qigong Coaching burgeoning in the field of Internal Arts

You are about to discover for yourself how you can solve the major problems that bog down many practitioners and make the lives of many teachers of these arts more difficult and full of financial struggles. 

Please enter your name and email address below to register for the full presentation on the ways Qigong Coaching can help you overcome your challenges. As a token of our appreciation of your interest in Qigong, you will also be invited to experience a Qigong Coaching session with Lama Tantrapa, the pioneer of Qigong Coaching and Tai Chi Coaching.

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Featured FREE Download

Do you want to learn how to enhance and embody your spiritual awareness and inner strength? If you do, you are in for a real treat - you can download  FREE  of charge the first chapter Qi Dao Fundamentals of Lama Tantrapa's bestselling book The Art of Being in the Flow.

Please enter your name and email address to receive an immediate access to it:

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