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September 26, 2014
7:00 AM to
8:00 AM Pacific Time

Beaverton, Oregon
Budo Dojo
Advanced Qi Dao Class
With:   Lama Tantrapa

Advanced ClassIf you have studied Qi Dao for at least two years and/or graduated from the Intermediate Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program, you are welcome to join our advanced class. This training will empower you to develop supreme self-confidence by teaching you how to roll with punches and apply all the other principles of our Art of Being in the Flow.

During this and more advanced levels of training, you will learn how to:

- Empower yourself and others by using the pronciple of energy recycling

- Handle virtually any challenge gracefully and with minimal injuries

- Heal yourself and help others heal themselves from within

- Become invincible in Push Hands and other Martial Arts applications of Qi Dao

- Develop deep understanding and appreciation of Tantric Qigong

- Deepen your personal development through the practice of Dream Yoga

Once you have graduated from the Advanced program, you will also be able to continue taking advanced classes in order to learn how to coach advanced students and facilitate advanced Qi Dao groups.

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