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From Spiritual Seeking to Self-Realization

Humanity is desperately in need of awakening from the nightmare and tyranny of the human ego and the limitations of the linear mind. As a species upon this earth, we are lost in the illusory world of the human mind identifying with being a separate “self” that is distinct from the rest of the world “out there.” Such a "mistaken identity crisis" leads many of us to mistreating and abusing ourselves and those around us. In this state of illusion, we, humans are danger to ourselves, to each other, and to all living beings on this planetIt is true, whether we are speaking of wars and conflicts throughout the world, or the sexual abuse of women and children... It is true, whether we are speaking of the emotional pain experienced in dysfunctional relationships, economic suffering, or exploitation of our natural resources, constantly recreating real-life nightmares that we now hope to wake up from.  

I invite you to explore a simple, yet profound, way of awakening to the true nature of the dream called your life. Over the last three decades that I dedicated to my spiritual training and meditation practice, I experienced a number of profound realizations that led me to developing a unique method of spiritual awakening based on a natural ability that many of us exhibit spontaneously. I am talking about the ability to become lucid during a dream by recognizing that we are dreaming, while continuing to dream. Created on the basis of the ancient art of Tibetan Dream Yoga, this enlightening coaching is free of dogmas, doctrines, or creed, since it consists of very practical and doable steps that are as simple as one-two-three-four... Besides, Dream Yoga Coaching may serve as an excellent way for you to experience and explore the hidden qualities of human consciousness usually dormant in the conditions of the “information age” lifestyle.

While most coaches try to keep their clients focused on their goals and outcomes of their actions, a qualified Dream Yoga Coach will first assist you with developing greater awareness and ability to learn from your present state of affairs, without which manifesting any further dreams is unlikely. This approach is based not on setting and pursuing goals, but rather on manifesting and living your dreams, because dreams are more authentic and flexible than goals, which tend to be influenced by many external influences and more rigid than dreams.

During your coaching sessions, you will learn to recognize the flow of your life, including all the details of your current situation, as valuable learning resources that can help you live your dreams… however surprising this may sound. Your coach will also assist you in clarifying your unique dreams, which will make it much easier to manifest them, since it is hard to manifest the dreams you are not aware of. You will also learn to focus your attention on the energy associated with your highest values and life purpose in order to activate the energy resources within you that might have been dormant or blocked. In fact, as soon as you can come up with a clear vision of your innermost dream, you already have in you the energy resonating with this dream, which you will simply need to put in the driver's seat in order to start living your dream.

By enjoying this way of awakening and living as lucidly in your daily life as you can be in a lucid dream, you will discover the truth of who you really are and learn to love your true nature unconditionally. If you are ready to let Dream Yoga Coaching empower you to manifest the dream of living ever more meaningfully and fully, I am ready to start mentoring you now. 

3 Month Dream Yoga Coaching Program

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Quotes from The Art of Being in the Flow about self-realization:

"We are all interconnected dream beings – facets of the universal Dream Being – like waves are inseparable from the ocean."

"If you think that you live in a stupid world full of stupid people, it is high time to wake up!"

"Transcend any conflicts and turn your opponents into friends by assisting them in uncovering and manifesting their own deepest, most profound dreams."

"The more people you assist in manifesting their dreams the more people will help you manifest yours."

"Self-realization can be summarized as the realization that the source of your individual dreams is the same as the mystical source of the big dream called life."

"Balancing the bewilderment of being a human being with the miracle of being the Dream Being is a mighty fine reason for practicing Qi Dao."



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