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From Feeling Stuck to High Performance

If you are like most of the people I know, you would love to learn how to boost your power, increase your flexibility, and enhance your ability to perform under pressure by engaging in just 10 or 15 minutes of dedicated training per day. Most people who choose this particular coaching program are quite accomplished in their respective disciplines, sports, or lines of work, but feel as though stuck on a plateau or on the verge of greatness.

Imagine yourself performing the feats of power others only dream of! My signature methodology of High Performance Coaching, which is based on the traditional wisdom of Shambhala Warriors and the principles of Internal Martial Arts, will empower you to discover the amazing powers within you that are tend to remain dormant in the conditions of living the "information age" lifestyle.

When you start implementing these principles, you will develop a greater confidence and sense of calm under pressure. You will also learn how to fine tune all your movements and actions, so that they become more effortless, yet extremely effective, achieving better and better results, while using less energy and effort, which is my definition of high performance. You will gain practical skills to improve your energy awareness, timing, and self-confidence. These principles can also be applied not only to Martial Arts, but to many other types of sports, as well as your daily life. As you master these principles, they will become a regular part of your reality sooner than you expect.

If you are a martial artist, or athlete involved in any type of sport, you will love our unique approach that will give you great strength at the same time as training you to use full-body power, rather than brute physical force. Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced practitioner, you will also benefit from injury prevention that is an integral part of our High Performance Coaching. In addition to that, you will discover for yourself certain principles of Harmonious Culture of Movement that will empower each and every step you take in the Dojo or in daily life.

If you are interested in enhancing your athletic abilities, you may request that we focus on High Performance Coaching. With your diligent training, this coaching program will help you actualize your untapped potential and enhance your performance in any sport or Martial Arts in a matter of months, rather than years. As your coach, I will also can help you enhance the quality of any specific aspect of your life, be it mastering Martial Arts, boosting your self-esteem, developing creativity and intuition, living a healthier lifestyle, or experiencing peak performance in any specific sport. The ultimate objective of my coaching is experiencing greater and greater degrees of enlightenment by becoming awake and creative in the dream called life and being in the flow of this dream.

3 Month High Performance Coaching Program

6 Month High Performance Coaching Program

From Pain to Wellness
From Stress to Flow
High Performance

Quotes from The Art of Being in the Flow on High Performance:

"Energy is the true essence of all things and events in this universe."

"Ordinary human awareness of energy is like a tip of an iceberg – most people are consciously aware of only a little tip sticking above the surface of the water."

"Similar to your deepest dreams, most of your potential resides outside of your comfort zone, in the underwater part of your iceberg."

"Closing the gap between the way you are at the present moment and the way you need to be in order to manifest your dreams can ensure that you live your dreams."

"Your whole life manifests moment by moment as your energy aligns with the flow of the life situations that it resonates with."

"By changing the frequencies of the universal energy that you identify with, you can change everything in your world."

"Since change is the most constant thing in the Universe, the most harmonious way to deal with the Universe is by being in the flow of changes."


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