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The Art of Being in the Flow,  Chapter 1 -"Qi Dao Fundamentals"  

The Art of Being in the Flow Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong -Cover

Discover for yourself the magic of The Art of Being in the Flow by learning the most fundamental principles of Qi Dao as taught by Lama Tantrapa, the lineage holder of Shambhala Qigong and the founder of Academy of Qi Dao. Just enter your name and email address to download the first chapter of his first book absolutely free of charge:

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From Pain to Wellness

Do you, from time to time, suffer from pain and struggle to make it go away? Wellness Coaching can help you recover from chronic pain and transition to wellness.

From Stress to Being in the Flow

Does your daily life sometimes feel as stressful and chaotic as a nightmare? Flow Coaching will help you transform stress into flow.

From Feeling Stuck to High Performance

Are you an athlete wishing to develop the coordination of an acrobat, the balance of an ice skater and the prowess of a Shaolin monk?

From Spiritual Seeking to Self-Realization

Do you seek self-realization and are ready for awakening in the dream called daily life and embodying an enlightened way of life?

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